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We’re excited to welcome F45 Training Decatur as an official partner of the Decatur High School athletic website!

Who They Are & What They Do

F45 Training Decatur is a group fitness program that focuses on functional training for all ages (the F stands for functional). The program is a mix of circuit and HIIT style workouts geared towards functional everyday movements like pushing, pulling, picking up, swinging, etc. These movements help with stability, balance, agility, and core and overall strength and conditioning, and aim to create a healthier you that benefits from the workouts in and out of the studio. F45 also has a Prodigy Program that is specifically aimed at healthy development and fitness outcomes in children and adolescents (11-17 years). They offer a week free trial for anyone local who would like to try out their program.

Show your support of F45 Training Decatur by visiting them at 1605 Church Street, Suite 680, Decatur GA online at https://f45training.com/decatur/home. You can also get exclusive specials for Bulldogs supporters by clicking on their ad on

The support of local businesses ensures the Decatur High School Athletic Department has the most up-to-date news, scores and photos online. Thanks to F45 Training Decatur for their support of local athletes. Go Bulldogs!

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