Multiple Teams · Honoring Our Spring Senior Athletes

Despite the unfortunate events occurring in our world resulting in our senior student athletes not being able to compete, we would still like to acknowledge them below:

Jaylen Paden (attending Georgia Southern)
Ben Smith (attending Oglethorpe)
Lukas Clark (attending Johns Hopkins)
Eddie Galatas (attending North Georgia)
Jackson Hills (attending Georgia State)
Jaxson Sprull (attending Tougaloo College)
James Swank (attending Maryville College)
Drew Jordan (attending Rhodes College)
Jordan Walker (Duke University)

Adeyemi Arimoro
Spencer Barlow (attending West Point)
Noel Carroll (attending GA Tech)
Ihsaan El-Amin (attending Morehouse College & University of Michigan)
Will Mackintosh (attending Brown University)
George Rodi (attending the College of the Atlantic)
Layla Senter
Adelaide Taylor (attending Emerson College)

Alix Wagner (attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Laine Marrah (attending University of Virginia)
Hank Stocke (attending Georgia State)
Spencer Clark (attending Georgia State)

Girls Lacrosse
Manar Alnedawi (attending Kennesaw State)
Evie Brady (attending Georgia State)
Sophia Comrie (attending Rhodes College)
Mari Downey (attending Drew University)
Isabelle Hanna (attending University of Georgia)
Jessica Harris (attending University of Georgia)
Daniela Montero (attending University of Georgia)
Leila Nadjariun (attending University of Georgia)
Kate Pollack (attending University of Georgia)
Emily Pollack (attending University of Georgia)
Stella Williams (attending University of Georgia)

Boys Lacrosse
Cole Attick (attending Georgia State)
Elliot Baca (attending Georgia State)
Bryce Cannon (attending Georgia State)
Jack Egger (attending Colorado School of Mines)
Blake Simmons (attending Georgia State)
Zach Tatum (attending Valdosta State)
Aidan Williams (attending University of Georgia)
Will Vella (attending GA Tech)

Girls Soccer
Kate Tyler (attending University of Kentucky)
Emma Rose (attending Auburn)

Boys Soccer
Asa Cronic (attending GA Tech)
Payton Drake (attending Wofford)
Thomas Fuentes (attending Emory)
Ben Goudy (attending Wofford)
Stephen Hughes (attending Erskine)
Trevor McMullen (attending Mercer)
Aidan Susten (attending Appalachian State University)
Tali Utz

Girls Tennis
Abigail Duda (attending GA Tech)
Nicole Carlton (attending Elon University)
Zidia Gibson (attending Westminster College in Utah)

Boys Tennis
Ky-Vinh Nguyen

Literary Team
Jared Witz (attending Georgia Tech)
Anna Zreloff (plans to attend Emory or the University of Vermont)
George Rodi (attending the College of the Atlantic)
Josh Polak (attending University of Georgia)