Sports Forms

Dear Parent,

Emory Healthcare is proud to provide athletic training services to your child’s high school athletic program. Our Emory Sports Medicine program is implementing an athlete electronic medical record allowing our sports medicine providers to provide optimum medical care to your child. The new software is called Dragonfly Max.

Enclosed you will find instructions on how to set-up your athlete’s profile and upload any required documents e.g. physical form. This information is kept on a HIPAA and FERPA compliant server providing the utmost secure storage for medical information.

Dragonfly Max is an integral part of the athletic healthcare delivered at your child’s high school. Our athletic trainers will continue to review each athlete’s physical and when necessary, apply appropriate medical precautions. The messaging capabilities of the App will enable athletes, parents, coaches, physicians and athletic trainers to all be on the same page regarding an athlete’s injury or illness. This will expedite referrals, return to play decisions, and encourage athlete compliance with home instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Dragonfly Max, please contact your school’s athletic trainer Aleigh Moore, ATC at